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Studio Named Best of Denton County

A little over a week ago, the studio was voted, by residents, as the Best of Denton County. First of all, thank you. Everyone here is extremely excited, grateful, and humbled to receive such a designation. It’s an honor to receive such an award and we will continue to do our very best to live up to it.

Winning awards is kind of a curious thing. While we certainly feel that such recognition is a testimony to the hard work, reputation, expertise, and overall quality of the recordings that are produced at the studio, we also recognize that in many ways it’s hard to actually assign an objective value to any creative process. For example, which is the best band? Which album is the best? Which amplifier is the best? Which microphone, preamp, drum room, bus compressor, etc. is the best? See what I mean? The list goes on and on and often serves as continual grist for the mills of online discussion boards about gear and gear related topics.

The simple fact is, there’s no scientific method available that will produce a definitive answer as to which is the ”best” studio of Denton county, or any county for that matter. We understand that. And winning the award does not suggest that there aren’t other fantastic studios in Denton County, for there are many, as well as many fantastic audio engineers with whom we consider it a privilege to collaborate.

But being recognized by our community does at list indicate a few things: we have worked with enough individuals and bands to form significant relationships among the musician community in Denton county. And relationships are really the lifeblood of the studio. It’s our belief that no matter how good the equipment is, how knowledgeable an engineer is, how competitive our prices are, none of this really matters if people don’t walk away from the recording process feeling really good about the whole experience. People talk about and come back to the studio not just because their recordings sound good. They come back because they enjoyed working with our staff, they felt at home and at ease at the studio, like they were able to be creative, and that the studio staff made every effort to understand and help them achieve the artistic vision for their project, be it a simple folk song or a full length pop album.

If we are not doing that, then all of the gear and expertise in the world is not going to produce a great sounding album from the perspective of the client. And if that’s not happening, our doors would be closing, award or no award. So thank you again for this recognition. It’s very encouraging to get some feedback from time to time that people appreciate and recognize what we’re doing. It only serves to motivate us that much more to continue to provide the best possible recording experience to our clients. It’s our hope to win more awards in the future, but more importantly that such success indicates that we are continuing to stay on task by accomplishing our goals of empowering the musician community, creating beauty, and having a fun time in the process.

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