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Here are some of the artists we've worked with:

Best of Denton County 2019 - Winner

Best of Denton County 2018 - Finalist

Chris from Cafe Solo is a solid person to work with and we had a really great experience. Chris is extremely easy going and has a really good ear for production and recording and we could tell by first listen that we would be really happy with our live studio sessions. The studio itself is also really amazing and awesome to work in, we would recommend it to anyone! Chelsey our keyboardist enjoyed working with Chris so much that she chose to do a live session at Cafe Solo for her solo project.   - Ariel, Pearl Earl

Chris at Cafe Solo Studios provides a warm and friendly environment for musicians. It is the perfect spot to record your album or film a video. Cafe Solo Studios feels like a second home to me! - Jessie Frye

Cafe Solo Studios is the best studio I have recorded in. Beside the amazing equipment, Chris gives you good professional feedback to help you through process. - Richard Gilbert

Chris is awesome! He is a professional, a creative, and fully enters into our project with us. We are already planning upcoming projects with him!  - Rick Stracener, Centennial Church Frisco

Your mix captures the essence and feeling I feel I want people to experience when they hear my music.  - Richard, Henry the Archer

Chris at Cafe Solo Studios has been more than ideal. For our Shake Music TV sessions, I don't have to worry about getting the right sound because I know I'm getting the right sound. And when we brought The Toadies - Live at Billy Bob's Texas album to him for mastering, he gave it the punch that sent it over the edge. I highly recommend working with him. - DJ Dugan, Shake Music TV

Chris is one of a kind! Super fun and easy to work with! He listens to your every need and acts accordingly. Very professional and friendly environment with a great vibe! I recommend anyone to try and record a session here you won’t be disappointed. - Jesse, Nomy

I really enjoyed working at Cafe Solo Studios. I was concerned about finding someone who could produce a variety of music styles and Chris proved to be really intuitive about getting the sound I was looking for. And he knows how to create an atmosphere that helps ease your nerves when you're really concerned about laying down that perfect take! - Drew Hall

Cafe Solo Studios is a top-notch full service studio. The gear and rooms sound great and Chris has the perfect ear and skill to get your songs where they need to be. His expertise as an engineer and musician will get you the end product you are looking for. Book your session today, you won't regret it! A+ - Christian Dorn, Session Drummer

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