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Why Should I Go to A Studio To Record?...

...instead of just doing it myself at my house or apartment. This is a video I did earlier this year wherein I make my case for going to a studio proper to record your next project.

Hear ye, hear ye: my intent with this video is NOT to dis people who go it alone and engineer their own projects. That's how I started. In fact I think it's extremely beneficial and healthy for the musician community to learn as much as humanly possible about the art and science of recording. I myself am a work in progress and I learn new things each time I press record. When done properly, it increases your creativity and expands your imagination about what can be realized in a recording environment, and I am all for that because I am a musician as well as an engineer.

However, there are compelling arguments for going to a professional studio and here are the ones I could think of for now. My hope is that this video will be informative, thought-provoking, encouraging and result in an amazing recording experience for you. If you have additional thoughts or comments, please jump in below, message or email me, or give me a call. Thanks!

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