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Best of Denton County Finalist

I just found out earlier today that the studio has been nominated as a finalist for best recording studio of Denton County. While this no doubt includes my mom and several facebook friends who haven't unfollowed me yet, this also represents the support of many people who I have had the pleasure of working with here in Denton.

Recording music is a community process and requires the synergy of artists, engineers, producers, and really technically gifted people who understand how to make microphones and stuff. I love what I do and I count it a privilege to walk out to the control room each day with a new canvas just waiting to bring forth a new musical idea. I have only lived here six years and I've gotten to know so many wonderful artists, I'm truly blessed to work with such creative people and I hope that this small notoriety will enable me to continue to do what I love, as well as encourage and develop the incredible musician community of North Texas.

If you'd like to vote for me then click here. Select Specialty Services and choose Cafe Solo Studios (question #26). Voting ends on August 25th.

Congratulations to the other nominees which are also excellent studios, and thanks again!

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