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Session with Many Sparrows

This week the band Many Sparrows is in the studio recording their second album. I met them through a friend, Drew Hall, who recorded with me a couple of years ago. I also mixed a live album for a local church that featured some of the members of the band. Many Sparrows consists primarily of husband and wife songwriters Daniel & Asia Wall, and some friends of theirs from their local church community.

Their sound is very organic, folksy, Americana, front porch, and definitely tailored for the Christian music community, albeit with the occasional trumpet and flute. They are recording 10 songs that they have written over the last few years that seem to come from a place of struggle, or at least tension, like most great art I would suggest; songs about people who are hungry for hope and in need of grace. What's interesting about this particular project is that the music is intended not only to bless the listener, it also has the potential to make an impact around the world.

The band is donating all of the profits of this recording to a humanitarian organization called Love For the Least (L4L). L4L is a Christian organization that operates in the Middle East bringing the basic, unmet needs (food, water, basic hygiene) to refugees of any ethnic or religious background as well as basic medical care and medicine via a mobile medical clinic. The vision is not only to treat the trauma experienced by displaced persons, but also work to establish a long-term plan that allows for these individuals and families to return to normal life.

This is a pretty amazing vision for an album project, and I am truly honored to be apart of it. I'm genuinely enjoying the recording process as usual, but also feeling a renewed sense of purpose knowing that I am making a difference around the world in the lives of people that I will most likely never meet. If you'd like to play a role in this process as well or support the band in their endeavor, you can go to their Kickstarter page here.

Regardless, watch for their album to be released by the end of September.

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