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Jessie Frye video

Last week Jessie Frye was in the studio once again, but this time not for a recording session. Instead she was shooting a music video with her band for an acoustic version of the song ‘Faded Memory.’ The initial version of this tune caught a lot of attention as it represents a collaboration between Frye and synthwave phenom Timecop1983, né Jordy Leenaerts from the Netherlands. To describe Timecop1983, think of Tron (the original movie), or the opening sequence of Miami Vice with the music from any John Hughes movie and you pretty much have the aesthetic. It’s extremely well done and certainly a bit of nostalgia for anyone born before 1983.

I’ve known Jessie for a few years now and always enjoy working with her. She initially contacted me to shoot a video for the single “Lucky Star,” which turned out great:

I’ve seen her several times live and also recorded her for a few smaller projects and gotten to witness firsthand what a fantastic voice she has. That is, despite the elaborate production of much of her more recent music, her voice doesn’t need any ‘studio magic.’ It’s strong, emotional, articulate and clear.

What’s even more striking to me though is her ambition, professionalism, work ethic and frankly, drive. She’s trying to ‘make it’ in an industry that is extremely competitive and even more unforgiving. But any conversation with her about her music inevitably leads me to conclude that Jessie is very open to new ideas and collaborating, yet very focused on what her musical and career goals are, and if there is anyone I know who is poised to succeed, it’s probably her.

Check out the video above. It turned out really well thanks to the excellent camera work and direction of David Moline and Peter Calvin, and stay tuned for more music from Jessie as she begins recording her third album soon.

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