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Getting Prepared to Go in the Studio

So here's a video I did a few weeks ago about my thoughts on how to get bands prepared to go in the studio and record. Recording is hard. It's stressful. You are on the spot with your ability to perform in a controlled environment. It costs money. You lose objectivity over time as to whether something really sounds good. Here are some tips to avoid all of these potential pitfalls:

  1. Practice

  2. Plan for spontaneity

  3. Visit the studio beforehand

  4. Make a daily production schedule

  5. Meet with the engineer/producer

I elaborate upon each of these points in the video.

I want bands to succeed in the studio. I want them to enjoy their time, be happy with the product, be encouraged in their musicianship and inspired to make more great music. Hopefully this video will help you all in the process. Thanks!

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