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Jamsara releases new album

I first met the guys in Jamsara through their drummer, Mich Polan, who had done several sessions at the studio for other artists. Mich is a fantastic drummer, which suggested that whatever musical project he would be in would be equally impressive. So I went to hear them one night at Andy's bar, and found this to be true.

I was immediately blown away by their creativity, musicianship, sense of melody and dynamics, as well as the fact that it just seemed like they were having a lot of fun on stage playing. After the show we got to talking and I introduced myself to the guitarist, Jared Sachs, and a few months later he gave me a call.

I thoroughly enjoyed recording and mixing their self titled new album, which they recorded pretty much live in the studio, and I'm excited about the work they're going to do in the future. These types of bands help solidify Denton as an awesome place to hear up-and-coming musicians of all genres. Do yourself a favor and go support this band today.

Here's a nice write up done by The Dentonite upon the release of their latest album.

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