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Shake Music Series Details and Disclaimer

Both options result in a professional audio and video recording of two songs performed live by your band in the studio. The main difference in the options is the ownership of master recordings, royalty split, scheduling and cost. The value of the audio and video production alone is worth over $1000, but offered at a great discount under the conditions posted on this site.



Band performances are live. Typically we will record 2-3 takes of each song, decide which one is the best at the conclusion of the session, and go from there.  Extensive retracking, overdubs, or usage of additional 'tracks' is up to the discretion of the engineer (and cannot exceed 8 hours of total studio time: tracking, mixing and mastering).  Audio is recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris Howell, owner and head engineer at the studio. Artists will have the opportunity to review and approve the mixes before they are mastered and sent for distribution. If more than 1 round of mix adjustments is needed (after initial mix), additional changes will be subject to the studio hourly rate of $50/hr.



Video is shot on industry standard equipment, filmed and edited by DJ Dugan of Shake Music. The finished music videos will be featured on Shake Music TV media outlets with audio distributed online to all major streaming platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, Shazam, Soundcloud, etc. For a complete list click here). Shake Music retains ownership of  music videos, but can provide clips to the artist for their own promotion.



Artists agree to sign a distribution agreement with Smith Music Group for digital distribution of the two songs recorded for the session. Bands receive 90% of all royalties.


Ownership of Master Audio

Artists retain ownership of the master audio recordings.



A non-refundable deposit of 50% is due at the time of booking. However, if for some reason the artist needs to cancel, we will do our best to reschedule your session if we receive at least 1 week's notice.



A certain degree of professionalism is required in order to be featured as a Shake Music series artist. If for some reason Shake Music feels that your particular work does not meet this standard for the series, Shake reserves the right to withdraw the offer of video production and release as a Shake artist. You are still welcome to come record and take your own video of your session, but this will result in normal studio pricing for the session ($50/hr for tracking and mixing).


Artists cannot be considered for a Shake Series session more than once within a span of 18 months from the date of recording. There is no limit to the appearance of individual musician(s) in different Shake Sessions, so long as it is not for the same band/solo artist.

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