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Music Production Lessons

Interested in Learning How to Record and Mix Music?

After years of being asked about how I learned to do what I do, I realized the simple answer was: by doing it. The only way to make really good sounding recordings is to put in the time, which of course involves making bad sounding recordings, and then try to figure out why that is the case. This is a long, laborious and often frustrating process when you do it by yourself, but can be easily and quickly sped up, as well as prove more enjoyable, by working with someone who has more experience and the ability to communicate effectively.


The best way to learn audio engineering is hands on, and that's one of the many services we offer.


Music production is a broad topic with all sorts of expressions by individuals and teams that specialize in the various aspects: songwriting, pre-production, recording, mixing, mastering.

If you are interested in learning about how to produce music on your own, but don't know where to start, we offer lessons in the various disciplines of music production, specializing in recording and mixing, for all levels and abilities. Whether your goal is better demos, superior content for social media, or one day owning and running your own studio, we can help you make great strides in that direction in an environment dedicated to music production.

Contact the studio for details on pricing, curriculum and availability, and get started today in the art of making music professionally!

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